Enabling WEBFLEET.connect Access
  Step-by-Step Instructions
1) Go to your browser and login to WEBFLEET (via https://telematics.tomtom.com/en_us/webfleet/products/login/?application=webfleet) as you do normally but ensure that you login as your one 'admin' account.
2) Go to the 'Users' area as shown here (if it does not appear, you're not logged-in as 'admin')

(classic interface)


3) You'll want to add a new user.  To add a new user, you'll click on the 'New' button to the right of the screen once you're showing the Users area.

(classic interface)


4) You'll now add your new user.  We ask that you name this user 'dataloader' as this user should be used specifically for this upload to WEBFLEET process.  You'll want to note also the email that you provide because it will email you a temporary password for the account.  Important: that temporary password will need to be changed once you login for the first time and that process is described below.  Once you've entered your settings, click 'Save' as shown, but please leave the form open.

(classic interface)
You can add the user as an 'Expert' or 'Standard', for instance. 


5) On the 'User Data' tab (the default left-most tab), click on the 'Advanced' button within the 'Profile Settings' area.  This button only becomes available once you've clicked on the 'Save' button to add this new user.

6) We recommend you click on the 'Vehicles' tab and set this user to have 'Full access' to the 'Vehicles' area.


7) We recommend you click on the 'Addresses' tab and set this user to have Admin access to the 'Addresses' area.  This will enable you to upload address pins for the map display via the Data Loader.

8) On the Advanced properties dialog ensure that you're on the 'System' tab (the left-most default tab), and check most all of the options, as shown in the image below. 

9) On the Advanced properties dialog ensure that you're on the 'External' tab (the right-most default tab), and check on the 'Access to interface WEBFLEET.connect option.  Please then save the setting and logout of all accounts.  You're done!

Note:  If this check box is NOT present, then likely you haven't yet been authorized for WEBFLEET.connect access by TomTom.  If this is the case, please read item #1 above and contact your vendor for assistance.  You'll also want to grant full access to orders and to account settings as well.

10) Click 'Ok' to close this dialog.  On the parent dialog click 'Save' and then 'Close'.  You'll now be back on the main 'User' listing.  You can close-out of this browser entirely now as this was an admin session started specifically for the purpose of creating this new user and that action is complete.
11) Go to your email inbox.  This is the email address that you supplied when you created this new user a few steps ago.  Your inbox should have an email from TomTom and that email should have a temporary password for your new 'dataloader' account.  Please select and copy that password from the email text.
12) Go to your browser and login to WEBFLEET (via https://business.tomtom.com/en_us/products/login/) as you do normally but ensure that you login as your newly created 'dataloader' account.  You'll enter your account name, 'dataloader' as your user name (if that is the name you selected), and now you'll paste your temporary password that you copied from your email.  It should allow you to login and will prompt you to select your permanent password.  We recommend 'goloader' as the password to use long-term.
13) Launch the Data Loader application and enter your new credentials for your 'dataloader' user.  Your login credentials should be youraccountname/dataloader/goloader (if you followed our recommendations above).  The wizard should remember your credentials for you but please make a note of them.  All too often they are forgotten and we're contacted to ask what these credentials are.  We don't know and can't gain access to those credentials so please take note of them. 

You should be able to advance through the wizard now that both the account and your user have been enabled for WEBFLEET.connect access.